Southern Iraq’s pre-eminent valve service and supply contractor

Severn Valve Solutions is an authority in valve performance, compliance and reliability.

The business has been formed to bring the very best global valve experience to Iraq. Our goal is to apply that expertise for the long term benefit of the Republic of Iraq.

Established in 2012, Severn Valve Solutions has become the foremost valve support provider for industrial complexes in Southern Iraq. It provides a total service and supply package through a well-integrated and coherent infrastructure.

Localisation is central to the business model. A framework of facilities and expertise has been created to facilitate training in valve engineering, service and maintenance skills for the Iraqi community. Our local workforce target is 60% by 2016 and ongoing support will ensure that skills are retained and advanced over time.


Severn Valve Solutions draws on 50 years of valve technology, expertise and 30 years’ experience improving OEM valve performance in oil and gas applications.

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