Southern Iraq infrastructure

Severn Valve Solutions has a registered office in Basra and has invested heavily in a Valve Centre in Burjessia


Burjessia Valve Centre

With its modern framework, the Valve Centre operates to the world class standards and requirements of the global oil and gas operators.

  • 1,000m² fully-fitted specialist workshop
  • Instrument calibration laboratory
  • Warehousing for valve stock
  • Training centre
  • Operations control centre
  • Personnel camp
  • Home to 50+ valve specialists
  • Mobile workshops and classrooms


Advanced technical capabilities

Our workshop offers high-level machining and is furnished with technologies for diagnostics, repair, improvement and calibration of OEM valves. Equipment available onsite or via mobile workshops includes acoustic bleed, profiler and inline valve testing apparatus. We also manufacture our own OEM-certified gaskets in-country to ensure we have a ready supply.

Upfront investment in technologies and resources has boosted the scope and quality of valve engineering services we can offer in Iraq. This unlocks smarter and more efficient ways of working for process operators.



100% satisfaction, 100% safety

Our customer satisfaction and safety records for valve overhaul and refit are among the best in the world.


Reducing costs

Severn Valve Solutions engineering skills and valve management strategies bring significant bottom line benefits.

We liaise directly with operators as the single point of contact for all valve management, maintenance and repair matters, and we work proactively to improve valve performance. This approach enables us to reduce labour time and material costs incurred over the long term.

Our inventory strategies bring further efficiencies. By introducing proper warehousing controls and systems for replacement valves and components we ensure only the most relevant kit is purchased for stockholding.

As oil price volatility continues to put operating costs under scrutiny, eliminating wastage and unnecessary spend is a critical success factor.

Intrastructure graphic


Instrument Laboratory (ISO 17025)

A full instrument repair and calibration centre complements Severn Valve Solutions technical services.

Located at the Burjessia Valve Centre, the Instrument Laboratory operates as a cohesive component of oilfield support. Managed by our project planning and engineering team, it is fully resourced to support pressure, temperature, dimensional metrology, torque calibration and certification. Operations currently follow ISO 17025 quality standards with ISO accreditation expected in 2015.

Our qualified instrument technicians are supported by Chartered Instrumentation and Automation engineers from Severn Glocon Group. The Instrument Laboratory and field calibration services embody Severn Glocon Group’s World Class Engineering Intelligence ethos and are available across the oil & gas production fields of Southern Iraq.


Operations Control

The core valve engineering business is strengthened by an experienced multinational support team. Trained personnel with in-country expertise manage shipping, security, equipment mobilisation, Visas and other logistics matters. Their local knowledge ensures operations run smoothly and cohesively enabling Severn Valve Solutions to offer a complete solution for all valve related requirements.




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